It is often not easy to dispose metal waste, especially when we are talking about bulky items. For some of such metallic items, you will also be doubtful if you will be able to recycle them. A very common example of such metals is your gas cylinders. Most people are skeptical on whether they should, and how they should recycle them.

Yes, your gas cylinders are recyclable but it is important to realize that it is not wise to recycle any gas cylinder you find. To enable you to recycle your gas cylinders safely, it is important to pay attention to some key guidelines as mentioned below

Know the type of metal your gas cylinder is made of


It is essential to know what type of metal cylinders you are dealing with. Most gas cylinders are either made of aluminum or steel alloys. Aluminum gas cylinders help to cut on the weight of the cylinder and also reduces the corrosion the cylinder may experience from the substance it stores. Knowing the metal types helps you to know what weight you are likely to be dealing with and what method you will use to recycle them. Some metals need more energy than others to recycle.

Beware of the gas pressure in the cylinder

Gas cylinders hold substances that are often compressed (compressed gas). It is, therefore, important that before recycling gas cylinders ensure that they no longer have high pressurized gas in them. The higher the pressure, the more explosive your gas cylinders can be. So, check the pressure level of the cylinders and only deal with those that do not have any gas left.

The contents of the cylinder should be known

Most often, gas cylinders carry explosive and combustible gases. Therefore, before beginning your recycling endeavor, ensure that you know the contents inside the cylinder. If you are dealing with gas cylinders that have explosive components inside them, you should get help to make sure that your gas cylinders are punctured and empty.

Do not approach or touch cylinders that you are not sure about

There are gas cylinders that you are not sure about their contents or whether or not they are empty. In such cases, it is wise to approach safety authorities that will help you determine the safety of the cylinders. If the cylinders still contain any gas substance, these authorities will help you empty them for your safety.

Know the conditions of recycling the gas cylinders

Most gas cylinders are highly reinforced due to their contents and their pressure level. For this reason, to recycle them, you need some extraordinary conditions to be met. An example is gas cylinders that have been reinforced with Kevlar or fiber glass. Such gas cylinders would need to be baked at extremely high temperatures before recycling can take place.

In summary, recycling gas cylinders is possible but you have to make sure that you know the risks involved. When you work with a reputable metal recycling provider, the company will take measures to keep you safe and many a times, all you have to do is just hand over the gas cylinders to them and let them take over from that point onwards.