Construction site recycling has become a common practice as people look for ways to reap both economic and environmental benefits. Recycling and reusing of building materials is a popular option especially for those hoping to promote historical preservation, while also conserving resources and energy. This practice also helps to boost the local economy as building related activities continue to increase. The activities include new constructions, renovations, demolition and tenant improvement.

Recycling materials from construction sites


Whether you are remodeling or building your home from scratch, you can expect to generate a huge amount of waste materials. Construction site recycling is an important part of the building process. Different materials are used at the site and some of the common items that you can expect to find include metal, wires, concrete, wood, bricks and stone. Most of the items that are a common site in construction as well as demolition sites can be recycled. This helps to save landfill space, energy, and valuable natural resources. You can get a specialty recycler after sorting through the different items.

Disposal of hazardous materials

There are businesses that specialize in separating the different materials that are found in the construction and demolition sites. Just like with equipment where recycling the item requires separating the different metals, wires and other components, the same concept is true at the sites. In order to avoid improper disposal of materials that are hazardous, there has to be a separation process. This helps to recover valuable resources while protecting the environment. There are companies that specialize in “gutting” homes and buildings, removing items like wiring, light fixtures, doors, windows and more.

Building greener homes

Many items in a construction site can be recycled and this helps to save money during the building process. If you have a beautiful wooden floor in your old home, you do not have to get rid of the flooring materials as they can be used in the new construction. Old shingles are also often recycled, as are other items. When going through the site some of the materials that you can decide to recycle include aluminum, asphalt (pavement), brick, concrete, gravel, metal, roofing material, steel, drywall, wiring and carpet or carpet padding. You might not want to use all the old materials in the new home, but there is no reason why they cannot be recycled for use elsewhere.

As the “green movement” becomes more popular, people are looking for ways to build green homes. This means that recycled construction materials are a popular option. There are people who will choose to purchase a home because of the “green factor”. You can find a company that will recycle unwanted construction materials. Apart from doing your part to save the environment, recycling will help to reduce clutter in the construction site, which is always a good thing especially when it is time to start clearing.

All in all, recycling is beneficial on many levels. If your construction site has many opportunities for recycling through your daily operations, talk to us and find out how we can help you further.