Choosing a metal recycling scrap yard can be complicating. There are several factors that can be contemplated above and beyond the basic Google search for “best scrap prices in the area”. First and foremost you’ll want to find a friendly and professional company that can offer expert analysis of your material. Also, several other factors to consider including…



The prices of scrap metal at your local yard will usually be the largest deciding factor when you are looking to make the most money. Truth is, the best deal is the one that makes you the most money for your work. It is highly encouraged to call your yard before heading in so you can check on the latest price changes. And keep in mind that prices are often known to change weekly, so do your research!


Environmental Consciousness

By its very nature, metal recycling is an environmentally friendly industry as recycling metal uses far less energy than producing new metal and combats waste. However, some metal scrappers will go the extra mile, using energy efficient vehicles and machinery, reducing fuel consumption wherever possible and implementing environmentally conscious practices such as paperless admin. If minimal environment impact is a concern of yours, look for metal dealers committed to sustainability.



Some scrap yards may be sophisticated with modern technology, while others may be a bit more “old school” complete with dirt lots and hand-written receipts. Regardless of what you prefer, keep in mind that at the end of the day, both likely get the exact same job done. It’s important to determine the atmosphere you prefer, and narrow down your recycler to match.



Find out out the hours of your local scrap year is important, because it needs to match your own personal schedule and lifestyle. Are you looking to scrap your materials on a weekend? How about first thing on a Monday morning? If you don’t have time to scrap during the week but your local yard is closed on the weekends, you may have to keep searching. Find yourself a recycling space that accompanies your weekly routine.


Environmental Procedures

Good environmental practices and procedures are not only good for the planet, but also important when it comes to your scrap yard. When choosing the right recycling partner, it’s often important to know the right questions to ask regarding the overall security of your scraps, the environmental impact it will have, the reputation of the business itself, and the willingness of the yard to comply with regulations and meet environmental industry standards. 



Many times scrap yards have weekly or monthly specials for materials like aluminum cans, copper, wire, steel, stainless steel, and more. Checking with your local yard for any coupons or events they are hosting can make or break your next trip to their location. The best scrap yard to sell your materials to can also be sometimes decided based on the specials they may be running and the particular materials you have to sell.

No matter which way you choose the best scrap yard to go to, it is ultimately your choice. And no matter what you choose, keep in mind that the business relationship you form with your scrap yard dealers are always going to play a deciding factor in whether or not you return. It’s often reasonable to drive the extra mile for better prices, faster transactions and excellent personal service.