Different Applications of Copper

January 15, 2013

Copper is extensively used for manufacturing electrical wires and cables for its electrical and thermal conductivity. Here is a detailed discussion of its many applications –

  • Cables and wires – Though there are many other materials, copper continues to be the most preferred electrical conductor in almost all the industries that deal with electrical wiring. Copper wire is extensively used in power transmission, power generation, power distribution, electronic circuitry, telecommunications and other types of electrical equipments. Copper is also used for manufacturing electrical wires which has a wide range of applications including communications cable, building wire, appliance wire, power distribution cable, magnet wire and automotive wire and cable.
  • In Water Supplies – Copper is one of the most commonly used metals for water supplies and drainage pipes. Since it is durable and recyclable and non reactive, this is considered to be the ideal metal for manufacturing the pipes of water supplies. Though initially it costs a bit higher, considering the durability it’s an ideal investment for the long run. Moreover, as it is lightweight and malleable and can be customized into any shape, plumbers find it easy to work with it.
  • As roofing material – For its strength, malleability and high resistance, copper is considered to be an ideal metal for roofing. It is also used for roof flashing which is placed around items that are overhung from the roof (e.g. pipe, chimneys etc.).

·         Gutter and downspouts – Copper has been used for making rain gutters and downspouts from the very ancient age. Apart from the aesthetic look of the copper gutter, there are several reasons to install it – this is extremely corrosion resistant and hence is ideal for areas that receive acid rain; it needs not to be painted and can be installed with a varied range of roofing materials.

  • Lightning Rod – This immensely important equipment can save scores of lives and property if installed in buildings. It’s a metallic rod that is mounted at the top of the buildings so that whenever lightning heats a building, it strikes the rod and gets conducted to the ground through electrical wire. Copper and its alloys are the most widely used material for lightning protection.
  • Jewelry – Copper jewelry is considered to be an extremely fashionable accessory that adds a dash of richness and elegance to one’s look. Bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are made of copper provide a wide range of different and unusual costume jewelry.
  • As the main component of metal alloys – Copper is used as the principal element in creating several metal alloys like tin, bronze, brass etc. This is precisely because of copper’s high resistance to corrosion.
  • As fasteners and connectors – Copper is used in manufacturing clamps and bolts which are considered to be ideal fasteners. It is also used as terminal connector for cable wire.
  • Architecture – From the very ancient age copper has been used as a leading material in the field of architecture for its durability and corrosion resistance. It has also been used in domes, roof, spires, vaults, doors as it is a weather proof material.