Have you ever wondered what your recycled material becomes after it has been processed? Scrap metal, such as aluminum, copper, steel, brass and iron, can be reused many times to make several useful products. From aluminum cans to old motors and appliances, your scrap metal is a precious resource that goes into the manufacturing of completely new items! Keep reading to discover some of the different uses of recycled metal.

Commercial Cans

Next to paper, cans are one of the most commonly recycled materials. According to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, a recycled aluminum can is able to be repurposed and may end back up on a store shelf within 60 days of it being recycled. In fact, according to the agency, producing new cans from recycled aluminum saves 95% of the energy used to produce cans. Recycled aluminum can also be repurposed to create rain gutters, window frames, bicycles and even aircraft parts!

Manufacturing and Industrial use

One of the great selling points about metal is its recyclability. Steel can be recycled over and over again and never lose any of its physical properties. Gadgets, appliances, building materials and various construction projects will often require a large amount of metal. However, by using recycled metal, manufacturers can produce less carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses. Commonly manufactured items that use a high concentration of scrap metal include automobiles, aircrafts, industrial containers, ductwork, plumbing and more.

Home Uses

You may be surprised to hear that an extensive amount of metal is often needed for simple remodeling projects. To help preserve the environment, scrap metal can be recycled into components for home renovations. Copper, for example, is used as a mainstay for heating and cooling elements, pipes, wires and air conditioning. Stainless steel, brass and other metals may be used in sinks and other home amenities.


Did you know that scrap metal art has become a popular activity? Modern artwork and decorative metalwork, such as statues and frames, can be created from recycled material. Kenyan artist, Kioko Mwitiki, creates life-sized scrap metal sculptures that have gathered international attention and acclaim. Through different media outlets, Mwitiki has spoken about his work and the importance of environmental conservation.

Improper disposal of metal can have huge environmental consequences. By recycling old tools and appliances, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mining waste and water usage.

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