The scrap metal business is one of the lucrative businesses that involve the recycling of waste. It is a way of disposing of waste without incurring much costs, but instead earning a good amount of money for the recyclable materials. It is, however, marred by a number of common mistakes that most scrap metal recyclers do. These mistakes can cause a reduction of profit and can even jeopardize your safety. Knowing the mistakes will therefore make your business operations safer as well as more efficiently. The common mistakes include:

Improper preparation of the metals

It is common to find scrap materials that have not been prepared well for recycling in scrap yards. Take for example a copper wire that is still insulated. Such a material will generate lesser money for you. Selling the stripped copper wire can generate more money than the insulated one. If you want to earn more from selling your scrap metals, prepare your metal waste adequately so that recycling them is a piece of cake.

Dealing with scrap yards that have a bad reputation


Some scrap yards do not have a good reputation in the scrap metal business. Others lack the kind of customer care service that will keep their clients loyal to them. Such scrap metal facilities should be avoided at all cost as you are likely to get services below what you deserve. Do a proper search for a recycling company with a good reputation and one who respects you or your business.

Misinformation on the different grades

Most often, people who are new to metal scraping and recycling get misled on the different qualities of the scrap metal they are dealing with. They will think that they have the quality scrap metal, only to realize that all they have is low quality junk of metal. It is then important that you make yourself well informed about the metal grades you are going to deal with referring to their approximate values. Also know the grade of scrap that your dealer likes most. An example in the difference of grade is as seen in copper where we have the four grades being bare bright wire, copper tubing/flashing, copper tubing wire, roofing copper and insulated copper wire.

Mixing all your metals

Most scrap metal dealers do not think that separating the metals before the recycling process is a step worth taking. However, it is proven that sorting out your metals will ensure that you get the right value for the respective grade of metal you take to the yard. Most scrap yard owners classify all unsorted metals in the same low quality category, and this disadvantages sellers that come with unsorted metals.

Not knowing the price of your metals

Before deciding the dealer you will take your scrap metal to, it is important for you to know the estimated amount you will be paid for your metal. Contact a number of dealers and compare the different prices that are offered for the scrap metals you have. This will give you an idea of what your metal waste is worth.

As long as you avoid the common mistakes made when it comes to scrap metal recycling, it will help you get the most out of your scrap metals, regardless whether you are recycling metals as an individual or as a business.