Are you planning to have your house improved and you think that a little dash of fresh paint will give it a new look? Painting your walls and all other parts of the structure will indeed help but when you do so, you also have to consider how your choice can make a difference to the environment. You can go green when it comes to this endeavour. Simply follow the tips below!

Plan your project carefully


Planning would include measuring the space that needs paint and making sure that you will have more than enough paint to help finish the project. It would be good to have some extra because you will need several coats of paint to create the look you have wanted. Often the number of coats will depend upon the type of paint you will purchase that is why it would be good to read the label for such information.

When you have done calculations accurately, you would be certain that your paint will be enough to accomplish the task. When there is leftover, you need not worry. You can simply send it off to solid waste management organisations that can put any leftover paint into better use.

Store your paint the proper way

At times, leftover paint can be used for other purposes in the near future and when you plan to keep it in your home for some time, you must make sure you store it the proper way. These products should be kept safe from mould, rust and all other contaminants that may affect its value later on. When you want to make sure it is free from these contaminants, it would be good to have a plastic wrap over the tin can’s opening. Place it before you put the lid back on.

It would also be a wise idea to keep any leftover product in its original container but you have to check that the lid is tightly placed on such container. From there, you should keep it in a dry area and make sure that the temperature is always above 40°F. Never allow paint, especially latex types, to freeze. Have them stored in well-ventilated areas as well.

Make sure that the paint can still serve you well in the future

Apart from storing paint properly, there are also other ways by which you can ascertain you will be able use leftover paint in the future without compromising the output of the task ahead. In order to serve you well, you have to make sure that painting tools like rollers and brushes are cleaned before keeping them. When you have used an oil-based paint, it would be good to clean these tools using oil or turpentine.

In case you are planning to use the paint again the next day, you can store your paint brushes and rollers inside a plastic bag or wrap. Make sure though that there is no air inside the plastic bag. Keep the wrapped roller or brush in the refrigerator and you will be able to use it tomorrow for the same paint you have used today.

Go green with your paint! Store it properly and recycle it when not needed. That is the best way to save the environment when it comes to your paint usage.