The recycling of waste metals is an endeavor that is worth engaging in because of the many benefits it offers. However, there are also a number of hazards it comes with that may be life endangering. It is important to remember that your safety should be given priority during the whole process of recycling. Fortunately, there are equally many ways to ensure that your life is not threatened by these hazards during each stage of metal recycling.

Work within your limits

During the process of recycling metals, it is possible to get injured when lifting the metals. To ensure that you are safe from those injuries that are often experienced during lifting, do not try to lift a weight that is beyond what you can handle. Also, ensure that you are not lifting heavy metals for extended periods of time. Make sure that the posture you assume during the process of handling the metal is at a posture that you are comfortable with. Working in the right posture and on the right workstations minimizes the chances of injury during the process of lifting. It will also improve your work quality as it has an ergonomic effect.

Watch out for slips, trips and falls


The most common injuries that recyclers suffer from are due to falling, slipping or even metal items falling on them. The slightest mistake in the steps you take may be enough to make you suffer a serious injury. Metals also have sharp edges so be careful when you are working around them so that you will not suffer unnecessary cuts. Watch out for a slippery floor and also be careful when it comes to obstructing objects that may cause you to stumble.

Handle machinery carefully and wear protective gear

How you handle the recycling machinery can determine your safety. Ensure that the machinery is properly positioned and well maintained. If your job scope involves driving work vehicles, always drive tactfully. You should also make sure that the proper safety gear is worn when operating both moving and non-moving machinery.

For those working in the metal recycling industry, certain injuries can happen due to direct exposure to the metal. This may be through contact with certain harmful materials such as iron filings and rust, noise, and more. Some of these injuries may even become a permanent disability so wearing protective gear such as earmuffs, gloves, and safety shoes will go a long way in ensuring your safety.

Watch out for explosive substances

Most of the substances found in the metal recycling industry are highly explosive and an example is welding gas. To ensure utmost safety, you should ensure that dealing with such explosive substances is done with extreme care.

By properly following the safety measures in the metal recycling industry, workers can keep themselves safe and healthy without risking their lives during their course of work. The management team at recycling facilities should always make it a point to regularly check that their employees abide by the safety guidelines at their workplace.