Copper is commonly used in a number of building installations because it’s non-magnetic and conducts both heat and electricity. This metal is primarily used in electrical wiring, plumbing, and in some decorative elements. It is also the primary ingredient in brass so all of your brass installations and fixtures contain copper. Copper is also found in large quantities in landfills because people discard items containing copper instead of recycling them. We offer copper recycling in Toronto and can help reduce the burden on the environment.

Copper can be Recycled

Copper has been recycled and reused for centuries at an affordable cost. This metal is highly malleable, melts at around 1038°C and can be easily reshaped into a different form for reuse. Most of the impurities are removed from the metal, which restores its quality to a large extent and ensures it is suitable for other purposes.

Scrapped copper can’t be utilized immediately, but recycling companies know just how to process this metal to ensure it can be safely added to wiring, electrical components, and decorative items. Many unknowingly dump the metal in landfills because they don’t realize copper has good recycling potential and that it’s cheaper and better for the environment if it is given to companies that carry out copper recycling in Toronto.

The Economic and Environmental Impact of Recycling Copper

Recycling copper can be beneficial to the environment and provides considerable economic benefits such as:

  • Recycling helps conserve copper – While this metal is available in abundance now, it is still a limited resource and the supplies will eventually dry out. Recycling copper reduces the burden on the natural resources and also reduces the cost of copper, which can have a wider impact on product prices.
  • Value of recycled copper – Recycling is cheaper than extracting and refining new copper from earth. Despite this, recycled copper is almost of the same value as newly extracted metal. This means the metal provides a higher profit margin to recyclers and companies. This reduces the cost of making products from copper.
  • Costs of maintaining a landfill – Copper is present in a large number of day-to-day items and this includes mobile phones. If all items containing copper are recycled, landfills don’t have to deal with as much trash, which will reduce the cost of maintenance.
  • Impact of mining – Mining for new copper isn’t just expensive, but also damaging to the environment. During the process, fine dust particles, metals, and gases are released into the environment, which can cause a lot of damage. The process of copper recycling in Toronto doesn’t pollute the environment to this extent.
  • Energy savings – Recycling doesn’t consume as much energy as metal extraction, which can also have an impact on the environment and help reduce the amount of pollution in it.

Recycling isn’t very complicated as all you need to do is give us a call for all copper recycling in Toronto a call and we will pick up the copper waste from your property. To view a list of everything we collect, click here.