Do a quick search over the internet and you will come across a lot of articles and website detailing various ways of recycling the aluminum cans and pop tabs. There are many rumors that the pop tabs on aluminum cans are the only part of the can that is made from pure aluminum. However, this is all wrong as both the aluminum pop tabs and cans are equally valuable as they are all made of pure aluminum.

Aluminum from recycled cans, including the pull tabs, is the same as the one that is smelted from virgin ore. Simply put, the can itself is equally as valuable as the pull tab. Note also that the whole can by far outweighs the pull tab. A pound of aluminum equals approximately 1000 pull tabs or 34 empty cans.

Collecting aluminum tabs


Most of the aluminum tabs that find their way into the recycling plants are mostly collected by the locals in a given locality, or by national and local charities. The main reason for collecting only pull tabs is that they occupy less storage space and there is beverage residue mess to later on clean up. Other people who collect pull aluminum tabs are the children who mostly do it for fun.

Well, according to kids, it is a lot of fun watching the number of tabs pile up in the collection containers like pennies in a piggy bank. Parents also can decide to collect and donate aluminum tabs to the charities of their choice. People that collect aluminum pull tabs also need to remember to recycle the rest of the can as it is also made of pure aluminum as earlier mentioned. The collectors then can decide to donate the money they are paid for recycling aluminum can and pop tabs to charities of their choice.

How is aluminum recycled?

One of the easiest metals to recycle is aluminum according to metal recycling experts. Most of recycling facilities provide curbside bins for collecting discarded metal materials such as aluminum, copper, steel, and the likes. If a metal recycling plant near you does not offer pick up services, then simply do a simple internet search for drop-off locations near you.

Aluminum cans and pop tabs are first separated from the rest of recyclables where they are then condensed in larger bales or bricks ready for the recycling process. Afterwards, the condensed cans are burned to remove outside paint and then are shredded to tiny pieces and melted. The molten aluminum is then poured into over 20-foot long ingots that weigh more than 10 tons. Afterwards, the ingots are rolled and reduced to the wanted thickness ready for the manufacturers.

Price value

Both aluminum cans and pop tabs are recycled for the same price. Recycled aluminum varies depending on wide variety of factors, meaning that is not possible to have the same rates. Make sure to do some research online to get aluminum scrap dealers that will pay you the best rates for recycling your cans or pop tabs.


Aluminum is one kind of a metal that can be recycled endlessly according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This being the case, aluminum cans made from recycled aluminum saves around 92% of the energy that is required when manufacturing cans form bauxite ore. Apart from saving energy, recycling aluminum cans ends up cutting down waste on our landfills.