Out-of-date electronics gather dust over time. You get new phones and computers every few years. You may have a drawer or box somewhere that’s filled with cables, batteries, phones, and maybe an old laptop or two. Maybe you’re keeping them for nostalgic reasons. Your first phone or memories related to that item. But technology is moving so fast these days, you’ll probably have no use for these electronics in the future. They’ve become obsolete. Whatever type of old tech you have it may be time to say goodbye. There’s a right way to go about recycling electronics, and we’re here to help with that.

What to Do Before You Dispose Of A Device

When you’ve upgraded to a new device or gotten a new piece of equipment, make sure before you get rid of the old one that it’s time to retire it. You should make sure you plug them into a charger and collect all of your data from the unit before getting rid of it. Anything you want off the old device has to be backed up somewhere. You’ll want to preserve certain things like your documents, photos, songs, videos, and personal information.

Recycling Electronics – How to Recycle Your Cellphones

When it comes to recycling electronics, cellphones and their batteries are some of the easiest items to recycle. Don’t forget to transfer all of your photos and data from your old phone to your new one. If you don’t want to do that, you can transfer the data into the cloud or send the photos in a file to a flash drive. Remove the SIM card and then perform a factory reset on the phone. You may be able to trade your old phone in for a new one with your carrier, but if it’s an older device it may be best to just recycle it. Bring the phone to us. We accept batteries and phones regardless of their size, age, make, or model. Many older units have lost all of their value or no longer work, and recycling is probably your best bet.

Recycling Electronics – Can You Recycle Your Computer?

Before you throw out your old computer because you have a new, faster model, you may want to wait. If your laptop is less than five years old, it may still have some life in it. You could keep it around just for file storage or donate it to a library or local non-profit. They may be able to refurbish it (check with your accountant for any tax breaks available for donating computers).

But if it’s older than five years or damaged, you should recycle it. Reach out to us and we’ll take care of it for you. We accept all sorts of E-waste from any brand and in any condition. Remember to wipe all of the data from the computer before you send it to the great silicon valley in the sky. Back it up in the cloud or transfer it to your new computer.

When you bring in your old laptop or computer, don’t forget any additional items that came with it. Accessories like the software, modem, printer, mouse, and keyboard.

Can You Recycle Cords and Charging Cables?

You may have a box full of old cables stored away somewhere in your home. They’re collecting dust and you may not own the devices they once belonged to! To rid yourself of all of those useless cords and cables, bring them to us. We buy all sorts of metal, and the copper used in the cables and wires can be salvaged and reused. You’ll end up with less clutter in your basement or attic, and a little more money in your pocket!

Are Batteries Recyclable?

If you think that old battery is shot, don’t throw it in the trash! Many batteries, whether they contain lithium-ion or alkaline are both recognized as hazardous waste. Cover the terminals on each battery with plastic adhesive tape so they don’t make contact with any other metal or each other. This will ensure that they won’t short circuit and cause a spark or fire. Place them inside a durable paper bag and store them in a dry cool place. When you’re ready to part with them, contact us at Manville Recycling and tell us what you have to recycle.

We have eco-friendly ways of disposing of and recycling electronics. Disposal protocol differs for each device but we use the best equipment to keep the environment safe. We mine them for parts and precious metals that can be extracted or melted down into new products.

Why You Shouldn’t Just Throw It All Away

We live in a world filled with disposable devices and new ones coming out all the time. If you toss your electronics in the trash they’ll end up in a landfill somewhere (the plastic and wires alone are a big problem). E-waste when improperly disposed of or dumped damages the environment. Many of the devices we use everyday contain toxic materials like chromium, flame retardants, and lead. These elements can lead to several health problems like damage to the circulatory and nervous systems as well as the kidneys. These toxins can leak from landfills and into groundwater supplies. They can also vaporize into the atmosphere when exposed to sunlight and heat. This is why recycling electronics is so important.

So pack up your old cellphones and computers and give us a call at Manville Recycling today. Our recycling experts will be happy to give you all the information you need on the proper way to recycle these devices. We’ve been serving the Scarborough area and the communities of Northern Toronto for nearly 20 years. You can reach us at 416-751-4732 or visit our website. You’ll be doing your part to help the environment and make a few bucks in the process!