Much of the crude steel produced worldwide is made from recycled metals. This is proof that the current demand for scrap metal is running high and is expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

There are more environmentally conscious businesses and individuals that are gravitating towards recycled materials as a viable industry. Collecting scrap metal can always generate extra income and help your business do its part to be more green and reduce the amount of waste on your properties. But the amount you can earn from it depends on the strategies you apply to the process. There are a few options regarding scrap metal collection for your business. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your scrap metal recycling efforts.

Separate Your Metals

It’s imperative to organise and sort the different metals based on quality and type. Metals like aluminum and copper have a higher value but could end up going unnoticed if you bring them to your local scrapyard and they’re mixed in with other recycled items.

To put this in terms we’re all familiar with, say you bring in your scrap collection and it has more aluminum in it than copper. The pricing for the entire load may be determined at the aluminum rate. But if you present them separately, you’ll earn more money.

So it’s important to collect all of your metals and sort them out before you take them to the scrapyard. If you’re not sure how to identify what you have, seek some assistance from our trained professionals. They know all of the proper guidelines and can easily help you.

Protect Your Metals During Storage

It’s important to protect your metals from the elements during storage before you bring them to us for recycling. Most ferrous metals will rust if they are exposed to oxygen and water for a prolonged amount of time. If the metal begins to rust, it eats away at the weight of the piece. Scrapyards usually pay by weight and if it’s rusted it’ll reduce the value. You can combat the elements when storing your metals by using desiccant drying agents or keeping them in airtight containers in a low-moisture environment.

The Magnet Test

Metals fall into two basic categories. Ferrous and Non-ferrous. You may bring a truckload of metal to the scrapyard and make less money because of the type of metal you collected. Ferrous metals like cast iron, alloy steel and carbon steel all have iron in them. Non-ferrous metals are more valuable and don’t have any iron in them at all. Examples are aluminum, brass, lead, zinc, and copper.

An easy way to figure out what’s ferrous or non-ferrous is to use a magnet on them. You may want to carry a little magnet with you when you’re sorting through the metals on your property. Ferrous metals are magnetic and non-ferrous metals are not. So if the magnet sticks to the item, it’s ferrous and not worth as much as the rest of your non-ferrous collection!

Pay Attention To Pricing

Supply and demand are what determine the price of scrap metal in the market today. You need to do your research and stay abreast of the current values of the materials you may have on hand to recycle. This can be critical to your efforts when you deliver your metals to the scrapyard. By knowing the current market price for what you have you’ll know when the time is right to deliver your metal to get the highest price.

Find Free Scrap Metal

You may have some items on your business property or worksites that you may not have considered before. Look around and you may find some added value in items on site. Maybe some old metallic shelves, damaged gutters, fixtures, tables, chairs, paint cans, nails, screws, and old appliances with copper wiring. Metal is everywhere so don’t overlook your trash. You may even have some business associates or neighbours who will let you remove old unwanted items from their business properties. It’s worth looking into.

Avoid Scrap Yards With Poor Reviews

One of the most critical points when it comes to recycling for business is to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company to recycle your scrap. If you end up working with a scrapyard that lacks experience or has bad client reviews it could not only cost you time but also a lot of money. Do your research to work only with a trusted company with a solid reputation. Here at Manville Recycling we pride ourselves on being a trusted, respected member of the Greater Toronto community.

Scrap Metal Management

Consider a reliable scrap metal recycler that will offer quality on-site scrap metal management. So when you bring your metal in to be recycled your items are placed on scales in an open area. This way you can see the proper weights of your materials and you’re quoted a fair price for your scrap metal. This creates a simple and convenient way for you to recycle your metal especially if your business generates a large amount of scrap.

By following these tips it will help you maximise your scrap metal recycling efforts for your business and bring you a solid return. At Manville Recycling we offer a convenient and easy way to recycle your scrap, help the environment and make money in the process. Visit our location in Scarborough, Ontario or call us today at 416-751-4732 for more information. Our trained professionals with nearly 20 years of experience will be happy to assist you!