Discarded metals are one of the easiest materials to recycle. Apart from this, metal recycling can be performed at many scrap metal recycling centers around the country, meaning that most of the collected metal pieces are able to find their way into a processing facility.

Metals hold their value fairly well compared to other recycling materials. Not only this, most kinds of metals can be recycled repeatedly with no apparent changes in their basic properties. So, it is recommended to recycle discarded metals whenever possible so as to gain economically as well as help protect the environment. This is by diverting waste from the landfills and decreasing energy consumption. Here are the some of the commonest discarded metals that can be recycled.


While lead is not considered by many as a recyclable material, it one of the commonest metals that is recycled. This metal can be found in car batteries, building materials, and also in scientific and medical equipment. If any of these objects is disposed of in landfills, the lead in them eventually ends up into the underground water supplies, where it harms the ecosystem. According to the Lenntech Corp, lead-contaminated water causes a wide range of health issues, including nerve and kidney damage, learning disabilities in children, and much more. To avoid all this, it is important to recycle discarded lead to make new products, such as protective equipment for doctors, batteries and the like. This way, no longer used lead materials are not left lying around to contaminate our ecosystem.



Recycling aluminum only requires 5% of the energy that is needed to extract and manufacture a new can according to a research that was carried out by the Oberlin College. By recycling aluminum building materials, food containers, cans, and the likes, you will be helping to protect the environment, keep prices low on many everyday items, reduce emissions, and much more. Recycled aluminum can be used to produce new food containers, beverage cans, and the like.



Recycled copper metal is used in building materials, jewelry, electrical wires, plumbing pipes and much more. Scrap copper has around 95% of value of new copper, making it one of the most sought after scrap metals by scrap dealers. You can conserve the world’s limited supply of copper by recycling the no-longer-used bits and at the same time earn money.


Recycled steel is used for a number of applications, including making cars to building framing making. Furthermore, recycling steel needs only a fraction of the energy that is used to extract new product from the ore. The more steel is recycled, the more the number of manufacturers that rely on cheaper existing steel supplies instead of new products, and hence keeping the prices low on a wide variety of everyday new products.

All in all, the above listed recycled metals can be used to manufacture a wide range of cheaper priced new products. These include the manufacture of new ships, metals piping, airplanes, metal tables and chairs, aluminum foil, cars, and many more.