Misc. Metals

These metals are as important to every day life however are generally much less common.

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Tungsten is grey in colour, it is dense, brittle and hard. It has many applications such as incandescent light bulbs and x-ray tubes. It is also becoming quite popular in jewelry.

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The main use for magnesium is in aluminium alloys. It is light, a silvery white colour, and is non magnetic.

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Carbides are compounds of carbon and other materials, e.g., tungsten carbide.


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Titanium has a low density, it is silvery grey in colour and is non-magnetic. Titanium is very strong and very light (strong as steel light as aluminium). Making titanium useful in the aerospace industry. It is also used in madical, automotive and sporting goods industries to name a few.

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Machine for increasing the pressure of a gas by mechanically decreasing its volume. Air is the most frequently compressed gas, but natural gas, oxygen, nitrogen, and other industrially important gases are also frequently compressed.