When you decide to get rid of all the clutter in your home, you need to think about what to do with the different items around the home. For most people, the shed is one area where you can expect to find a huge amount of clutter. Whether it is old tools and equipment from a long gone era, or broken down machines, there is a lot in the shed that you do not need! As you decide what to do with the items in your shed, recycling should be at the top of your list.

Recycling helps to protect the environment while contributing to a more sustainable economy. Using previously commissioned metal and wood can help to save builders money, meaning that it can cost less to produce or build new homes and other items. Your old materials can be put into good use elsewhere as ‘one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure’. If you have no use for the available metals in your shed, they can be put into good use in different forms. This is a simple way to play your role in conserving energy, protecting the environment and saving natural resources.

Different types of metals

Your shed may be holding different types of metal that are recyclable. Aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, tin, copper and steel are some of the reusable metals you may have in your home. The only metals that are not recycled or reused are radioactive metals or those that pose a health hazard. Some of these materials include mercury, uranium, and plutonium. If you are unsure about any metals in your shed, contact the recycling company for advice.

Reusing scrap metals


Despite the limits posed by radioactive metals, recycling approved metals has huge benefits. The recycling process can have a significant effect on the environment, while also contributing to new construction initiatives. Reusing scrap steel helps to significantly reduce air and water pollution, while lessening the load of waste associated with mining. It is important to realize that different metals can be recycled in order to create new materials.

The recycling process

Virtually all types of metals can be recycled, turning them into new high quality metal. The recycling process will vary for different metals, but the quality of metal produced is generally the same. The process of steelmaking using an electric arc furnace requires scrap metal as a raw material. This process is often used for the production of stainless steel and high quality tool steels. Copper scrap can be used in primary and secondary production in processes including blast, reverberatory or electric arc furnace.

Your shed can be a treasure trove and you can finally make space for the new tools and equipment you have always wanted to get. Recycling metals protects the environment while saving energy. There are companies that will collect the metals from your home but this usually depends on the amount you have. You can also drop off the materials at designated areas.

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