Metals are very valuable materials and can be recycled over and over again without any degradation in their properties. Scrap metal in Toronto has value, and this motivates many people to collect it for sale to companies like us at Manville Recycling. It’s also one of the best ways to do your bit for the environment. Recycling metals helps us preserve natural resources while requiring far less energy to process compared to the manufacture of new products in which virgin raw materials are used.

Recycling emits less CO2 & other harmful gasses. What’s even more important is that it allows manufacturing units to reduce their production costs and saves their businesses a significant amount of money. The recycling industry also creates jobs.

The Different Types of Scrap Metal in Toronto that can be Recycled

Metals are grouped into ferrous or non-ferrous categories. Ferrous metals are a combination of iron & carbon. Some of the most common ferrous metals are carbon steel, cast iron, wrought iron and alloy steel. Non-ferrous metals include lead, copper, aluminum, tin and zinc. All precious metals are also non-ferrous; the commonest ones being platinum, silver, iridium, platinum and palladium.

Metal Recycling- The Process

These are the main stages of the scrap metal recycling process:

  • Collection- Scrap vehicles are one of the largest sources of scrap metal. The other sources include farm equipment, large steel structures, ships, railroad tracks, and consumer scrap.
  • Sorting- In this process, metals are sorted from the mixed multi-material wastage stream or the mixed scrap metal stream. Sensors and magnets are used in the automated recycling operations to aid material separation.
  • Processing– Once sorted, the metals will then be shredded. This is done to speed up the melting process. Smaller shredded metals have a larger surface: volume ratio and comparatively less energy is required to melt them down. In most cases, steel is converted into steel blocks and aluminum is turned into small sheets.
  • Melting- The melting of scrap metal in Toronto is done in massive furnaces. Different metals are taken to a furnaces designed to melt those particular metals.

The purification stage comes next and the melted metals are then carried via conveyor belt to cool and then solidify. Once they have been cooled & solidified, they are set to use. They will then be transported to different factories and will be used as raw materials for the production of new products.

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