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Which Types of Scrap Metal in Scarborough Can be Recycled?         

We now know that recycling scrap metal in Scarborough saves precious natural resources and time. Since the very early ages, man discovered that it is far easier to recycle metal scraps left over from the production of various items, than it is to produce new metal from scratch.  In addition, it’s a great way to do our bit for the environment, which is what we at Manville Recycling are passionate about.

For the most part, these scrap metal products are separated into two categories, non-ferrous and ferrous. The latter alloys contain grey iron, malleable iron, and steel. Because of the magnetic properties that iron has, attraction to magnets is generally used while identifying ferrous alloys.

Non-ferrous alloys are metals that do not contain any iron. This category includes copper-based alloys and aluminum. These materials are heavier, non-corrosive and do not have magnetic properties. Ferrous metals are first compacted and then shipped to foundries & steel mills, while the non-ferrous material is categorized even further- the focus being on copper and aluminum.

The Metals That Can Be Recycled

Most scrap metal in Scarborough is used in the production of new products that are very well-finished. These products don’t appear to be recycled in any way. From buildings and cars, TVs to smartphones, scrap metal that has been recycled ends up in a number of unexpected products. Here are some facts about which metals can be recycled:

  • Copper is the one of the world’s most widely recycled materials. This metal and its alloys, such as bronze/brass are used over & over again as they have an infinite recyclable life.
  • Recycled aluminum material is used in everything from sporting goods to the aircraft industry.
  • Steel is recycled more than all the other materials combined. It has amazing metallurgical properties, allowing it to be recycled continually without any degradation in performance as it is transformed from product to another. Recycled steel products are found almost everywhere- in automotive products, appliances buildings, defense products, highways as well as the energy industry.

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